Affinity are specialists at providing high speed, low latency WiFi into typically hard to cover venues and locations.

Network & WiFi installation services

Affinity specialise in providing network and WiFi installation services for all types of businesses across the UK.

There are many reasons why WiFi networks do not always perform as well as they should, often leading to bad experience for the users. Reasons include things like bad initial design, radio interference, poor access point (AP) placement, insufficient coverage, or the network does not have adequate capacity.

Therefore, it is important that your organisation should always use an expert when installing any wireless equipment.

Trust Affinity

We always recommend a detailed wireless survey. We work with our clients to accurately define what the objectives are for you network and which applications and services it will be used to run. Will the network be used for VoIP, CCTV, or streaming video services? How many client devices are likely to be connected, will you be running a separate guest WiFi network? We will design the network to meet all your needs.

Once the survey is completed, we will plan your installation in every detail. One of our project managers will work with you to define an acceptable program and agree and the details of the installation process.

We work with many of the leading manufacturers of WiFi controllers, HSIA gateways, access points, switches, and firewalls allowing us to provide you with the best equipment that will work for your budget.

We pre-configure all equipment before it is delivered to your site to complete the install. Once fully deployed, we thoroughly test the network and produce a detailed post-install report and technical sign-off document.

Affinity provide an ongoing Managed Service where we monitor your network to ensure everything is running optimally. We continually report on both internet connectivity (WAN) performance as well as the LAN (wired and wireless). If you are running a guest network in a hotel, holiday park, or multi-tenant building we may also recommend our WiFi Assure service to monitor the user experience and to detect any rouge or malicious APs on your network.


Introducing WiFi Assure by Affinity

Experience is everything, especially when it comes to WiFi. WiFi Assure detects problems with your WiFi to deliver the ultimate guest experience.

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