Affinity offer WiFi solutions for many different sectors. Whether its a hotel, holiday park, multi-tenant building, large public venue, or office building, we’ve got you covered.

Hotel guest WiFi solutions

For many hotels, the guest WiFi network is one of their most important and valuable services. If the WiFi is not performing as it should, is complicated for users to connect, or goes down for any length of time, it can be the cause of guest dissatisfaction, negative online reviews, and can even lead to guests checking out.

The Affinity team have had many years experience in delivering quality WiFi networks in some of the best-known hospitality and hotel brands. We ensure that the hotel is surveyed in detail to guarantee installations with -65db to edge of room on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies. With Affinity’s managed services, support options, and network monitoring, including WiFi Assure, you can rely on us to provide the best hotel WiFi solution.

Holiday Park WiFi

We provide campsites and holiday parks of all sizes with fast and reliable WiFi. We supply, install, and manage the best equipment, which will help you make the most of your current broadband speeds.

Our 7 day a week support line, with our friendly UK based support team, are always on hand for all of your support needs and to ensure your customers have a great WiFi experience. In addition, we are continually monitoring your system so that if a problem arises, we get working on it right away before it affects your guests.

WiFi solutions for Multi-tenant Buildings

Affinity offer a true-home user WiFi experience for multi-tenant buildings, student accommodation, social housing, and retirement homes. Your tenants can access their own secure wired and WiFi networks over shared, manged infrastructure. That means high capacity reliable WiFi with secure, private personal area networks for your residents. Because we design, build, and manage the network, we ensure that each unit has the best possible coverage and we manage the access points to prevent interference from from neighbouring devices.

Just like in most homes, computers, mobiles, and tablets can be networked over the wired points and WiFi, allowing media streaming, content sharing, and the connection of IoT enabled devices.


WiFi for Large Public Venues

The demand for WiFi is like never before, especially in public venues where people expect to be able to connect to at least a basic service to enable web browsing, email, and messaging. In many cases, users want to to share photos and videos on their social media pages, and use services such as Skype or Facetime, all of which demand more from the network.

We select the best wireless technology based on your venue’s density requirements.  We carefully plan and design the network to significantly reduce the amount of equipment that is needed, whilst ensuring the best possible coverage. With the addition of our cloud-managed platform, you can easily manage the network and quickly deploy and rename networks for individual events and zones. We also provide a suite of marketing tools allowing you to engage with visitors and keep them informed with what is going on in and around the venue.

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